Wednesday, March 30, 2011
Our Gear Sale for BaltimoreMommies & TMN
has been extended until April 9th!

Have you seen those adorable kids shirts? The perfect water bottles?
And the t-shirts are in many sizes, styles and colors!! Order now.

Monday, March 28, 2011

April Events on the Calendar

To RSVP, visit our calendar here.

Our volunteer moderators have been put together an amazing April calendar of events for us. Look for our first BM Kids Book Club + Craft, MMO, our popular book club, park play dates, family bowling, zoo trip, storytimes, Tulip-a-Looza, and much more.

Please remember to RSVP (or un-RSVP) so your moderators know who to expect at events.

Groupwide: (see calendar at the forum for full details)

BaltimoreMommies Kids Book Club + Craft - April 1 at 10:30am

Mommies with Babies Meet-up - April 2 at 10am

Shy Girl Coffees - April 4 and April 18 at 9am

ZOO trip - April 8 at 11am

Bubbles, Bubbles Playdate - April 15 at 10:30am

Park Playdate at Meadowbrook - April 20 at 10am

Tulip-A-Looza at Sherwood Gardens - April 25 at 11am (look for a May date too)

BM Book Club - April 29th at 8pm (open to all, join anytime)

Cloth Diaper Playdate (learn + play) - April 30 at 3pm

{MOTC/C Group}:

Spring Playdate - April 10 at 10am

Fells Point Playground Playdate - April 23 at 10am

{Cultures & Diversity}:

Mom's Movie Night In - April 23 at 7pm

{NorthWest Area Group}:

Irvine Nature Center playdate - April 5 at 9:30am

Snack + Play at B&N - April 11 at 9:30am

JumpZone playdate - April 22 at 10am

Sunshine Playground Playdate - April 27 at 10am

Family Park playdate - April 30 at 2pm

{SouthWest Area Group}:

Check calendar - events still being planned + posted

{Central Area Group}:
(see calendar at the forum for full details)

Birthday Park Playdate in Fells Point - April 2nd at 10am

MNO Karaoke - April 9 at 7:30pm

YMCA Stadium Place Park Playdates - April 6 + April 13 at 11:30am (arrive earlier if you wish)

{No AA Group}:(see calendar at the forum for full details)

After School Park Playdate - April 6 at 3:30pm

Babies in Bloom (under 2) - April 7 + April 28 at various libraries (see calendar)

Family Bowling - April 13 at 3pm

Springtime Playdate - April 18 at 9:30am

Library playdate with Kinderfarm animals - April 19 at 10am

Lunch + Play at PA Dutch Farm Market - April 21 at 11am

Picnic Potluck - April 29 at 10:30am

{North Area Group}:

Storyville Playdate - April 5 at 9:30am

MNO Trivia Night in Carney - April 13 at 7pm

Storytime at Ukazoo Books - April 16 at 10:30am

Nature Storytime at Cylburn Arboretum - April 19 at 11am

Check the forum calendar for additional entries and updates.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Family Fun Fundraiser + PIZZA!!

***Click to Enlarge and Print***

***Click to Enlarge and Print***

We have 2 great fundraising events over the next week at CiCi's Pizza!!

Please join us this Friday (25th) at CiCi's Pizza in Glen Burnie (right near Marley Station Mall) for dinner. We are having a great fundraiser event and it benefits everyone -- yummy pizza for you and 10% of the proceeds going to our parent organization, TMN! We'll have a basket with our logo at the register, just deposit your receipt there and enjoy your meal!

And on Monday the 28th, CiCi's Pizza in Rosedale (across from the Old Golden Ring Mall)! 15% of the proceeds from this one go to TMN!! Plus, this one goes all day long so come for lunch, come for a snack, come for dinner, or all three! Bring yourself, bring your kids, bring your family, even bring all your friends!

You must present a flier to the one on the 28th for TMN to get credit. We will also get credit for any fliers brought in that week until Sunday, April 3rd. So present your flier and enjoy your meal! Share this with friends, family and co-workers.

April 1st - Join our Cause, Spread the Word

Friday, March 18, 2011

Foodie Friday: Grilled Cheese Playdate with (cool) progeny

Calling all grilled cheese lovers - - young and old. {cool} progeny is hosting another family play date on Sunday, April 10th from 2-4 PM!

Don't miss the Grilled Cheese Cook-Off at Mt. Washington Tavern where you and your family can be a judge.

Tickets are $10 per person but kids under 10 are FREE. You can buy them in advance or at the door. All proceeds benefit Moveable Feast. A fabulous organization and an even more fantastic cause. Moveable Feast provides life sustaining nutrition at no charge to people living with HIV/AIDS and breast cancer in the Greater Baltimore Area. Other fun includes a goody bag (for the first 30 families) and fun with Amuse Toys and other guests.

Submit the recipe for your grilled cheese to the competition! The Mt. Washington Tavern staff will be selecting 3 home chefs to participate in the cook off so submit your original recipe by April 1st.

More details at the playdate page on {cool} progeny. (we are so happy to be a non-profit goodie bag partner for this event!!)

These adorable local kids explain more about the event:

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kids interview Mommy

Here is a cute Meme that is an "interview about mom" to do with your kid(s). I've done yearly interview with my daughter near her birthday and it's always fun to revisit her answers. These answers might really be hilarious as it's how they view YOU.

Interview about Mom:

1. What's something I always say to you?
2. What makes mama happy?
3. What makes mama sad?
4. What do I do to make you laugh?
5. What do you think mama was like when she was a child?
6. How old am I?
7. How tall am I?
8. What is my favorite thing to do?
9. What do i do when you are not around?
10. What am I really good at?
11. What am I not really good at?
12. What is my job?
13. What is my favorite food?
14. What makes you proud of me?
15. What do you and i play together?
16. How are we the same?
17. How are we different?
18. If I were on on your tv shows, who would i be?
19. How do you know I love you?
20. Where is my favorite place?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sing, Sing a Song

Do you like finding good kids music that YOU like too? ZooGlobble is a kid's music blog and a terrific source for talented singers & bands making fantastic music for families.

Enjoy the recently posted Top Kids Music Videos. I found some new musicians to check out. I think you will too.

And don't miss the KidVid Tournament taking place amongst all the Kid Music blogs.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Our sponsors are very special people to us. They support and advertise our chapter, so that we can reach out to more BaltimoreMommies every single day! Without them, we wouldn't be able to grow and thrive and plan bigger and better things in the future. Please take a moment to visit our sponsors and please consider them first when you need a particular service.

For more info on sponsoring BaltimoreMommies or a national sponsorship (of all sites) contact

Friday, March 11, 2011

Foodie Friday: 30 Ways/30 Days of Mac & Cheese

Ahhh - Mac & Cheese, it's mother's little helper when it comes to meal planning.

There is your standard blue box M&C all the way to family recipes rich with cream and layers of cheese.

Nothing is more comforting and filling than a hot-out-of-the-oven pan of mac and cheese.

Come share your recipes in our Domestic Goddesses forum.

And enjoy this site, 30 Days/30 Ways with Macaroni & Cheese. Lots of amazing recipes added daily.
Thursday, March 10, 2011

Only Fools Text and Drive Day

This April Fools Day, The Mommies Network would like national community support in making it an official “Only Fools Text and Drive Day.” We intend to do just that by launching a video where children tell parents how they feel about texting and driving, and passing it along through their 25,000+ members nationwide. The video encourages everyone to drive with their headlights on April 1, 2011, to pass along the message that “Texting and Driving is For Fools.”

Watch the video above and share it as a viral reminder not to text and drive!

Vlingo has partnered with The Mommies Network to bring you an application for hands-free texting, emailing, searching and more - view the video for details on how to get this app for FREE!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Project: Simplify

There are quite a few of us kicking off our spring cleaning by participating in Project:Simplify hosted by Over the next five weeks we will tackle, declutter and organize five small parts of our homes. I'm using it as group motivation to get things started AND completed.

I love that the first project is our wardrobe/closets. As Simple Mom editor, Tsh Oxenreider explains:

"Let’s face it — moms are notorious for taking care of everyone else but ourselves. I’m generalizing, sure, but more often than not, we’d organize our kids’ clothes before we do our own. Going through our clothes and deciding what’s worthy to wear is a treat. Let’s start Project: Simplify off on a good note by doing something mostly for us. "

Join us as we discuss our progress in our Domestic Goddess forum.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Family Museum Outing

Please join us for a family outing on March 26 to the Walters Art Museum (hosted by MOTC/C and our Central Group)

The Walter's has drop-in art activities, inspired by the special exhibition Treasures in Heaven. We will meet in the Family Art Center for play in their castle area with puzzles, books, costumes, puppets. We will move to the craft room to create a unique keepsake. Admission and craft are free. The group can lunch together at the museum cafe too. See our calendar for more details and parking information.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Post of the Week

Our post of the week was one by Caroline asking about "mom jewelry".

Many moms find it a fun way to commemorate the love of being a mom!

Here is the post including links to a vast array of jewelry designs.
including a few made by our members and some like these:

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fire Station Tour {groupwide event}

Is there anything more magical to toddler than a bright red firetruck?

Please join us on March 8th for a fire station tour hosted by the North Anne Arundel Co. group.

This groupwide event is open to all members and is geared towards ages 2-5. For full details and to RSVP, please visit HERE.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Shy Girl Coffees

Join us for this month's Shy Girl Coffees planned for the 7th and 22nd.

Our bi-weekly Shy Girl events are a great way to meet other moms. Children are welcome too!
Many of us remember being new members and how intimidating it can be feeling like the new kid, under the perception that everyone knows everyone. We would love to meet you and hope these events will make it easier for you to feel at ease (and you don't have to be a new member to attend, so make this your first event)!

For details and to RSVP, please visit the March calendar.


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